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Backflow Testing

Under section 14 of the Municipal Water Works By-Law No. 4848 the Backflow Prevention Assembly connected to your irrigation system must be tested annually.

Why do I need a “Backflow Prevention Assembly” on my Sprinkler Irrigation System?

The water that is used by your irrigation system is supplied by the same source as the water you drink, cook and bathe with. Pesticides, fertilizers and/or animal faeces can collect in water pooled around your sprinkler heads, creating a potential for the contaminants to be drawn back through the sprinkler irrigation system (by means of backflow or backsiphonage) and into your home. It is for this reason that you must have a properly functioning Backflow Prevention Assembly protecting your drinking water.

Why do I need my “Backflow Prevention Assembly” tested annually?

Backflow Prevention Assemblies and Devices break or wear out, just like the parts of a car. By having your Backflow Prevention Assembly tested annually, you will help to ensure that the drinking water supplied to your home remains safe. Because of this the City of Vancouver created this By-law to help insure the safety of your drinking water. We have Certified Backflow Assembly Testers on staff who have attended a rigorous training course, and are certified by the American Waterworks Association, British Columbia Section, to test your Backflow Prevention Assembly. Certified Testers can inspect, test, repair or replace all Backflow Prevention Assemblies and Devices.

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