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Most Frequently asked Questions before installing irrigation

Like most consumers, prior to making a decision regarding the purchase of an irrigation system, you may have a few questions you would like answered. We at Oliver Irrigation Ltd. have put together an information sheet which may help you in determining what type of irrigation system best suits your personal needs.

(1) Is it necessary for my installation contractor to be licensed and insured?

As lawn irrigation systems are connected to the city water supply, they must meet municipal codes for installation. Your local plumbing inspectors can tell you what is required for your area. It is also recommended that the contractor you select is in good standing with your municipality by way of having a current business license and be in good standing with the Irrigation Industry of British Columbia. (All installations by Oliver Irrigation Ltd are installed to local codes).


(2) Will an irrigation system help me save more water than I am currently using?

Your irrigation system will consist of the most efficient types of sprinklers and nozzles available to the homeowner to ensure minimum waste caused by run-off and evaporation and will also address those areas that require specialized watering.


(3) Does an irrigation system really save me time and money?

Yes, having a fully computerized irrigation system will save you valuable time. Rather than having to water your lawn and garden areas by hand, you will now be able to use that time for other activities. Rain sensors are installed with each irrigation system ensuring that watering will only occur during times of little or no rain thus reducing the amount of water required. A computerized irrigation system also allows a homeowner to spend extended time away from their residence with out the worry of their gardens.


(4) How will I know if I am getting the best system for me?

Oliver Irrigation Ltd. will custom design and install an irrigation system that best suits the customer needs and requirements taking into account water pressure, landscaping and budget requirements.


(5) How are the piping and heads installed in established landscaped areas and is there any damage to existing planting and lawn areas?

There are a number of ways this process is accomplished. This will depend upon what type of landscaping is already established. In large lawn areas, we use what is call a ditch witch pipe puller which pulls the pipe underground and leaves a single line. If we need to get more pipes in one trench we first cut the existing turf and fold it to one side and then use a trenching machine. In some cases where we cannot get the machinery on site we will dig all trenches by hand. All of these methods result in little disruption of landscaping and after approximately one week, the lines will disappear once watering resumes. Oliver Irrigation Ltd. will install a very clean and professional job with little disruption to the homeowner’s landscaping.


(6) Once the irrigation system is installed, what then?

Once the system is installed, we will set the controller to what we find to be best for your landscaping needs. We will leave you the controller manual to study and after one week to ten days we will send a technician back to go over the system with you while showing you all the features of the controller. This provides time to ensure that the system has been operating properly, gives the homeowner time to study the manual and is also an opportunity to fine tune the system - if required. You will also be provided with a laminated zone list located next to the controller. This will let you know exactly where your zones are located.

(7) Service and Warranty

Oliver Irrigation Ltd. warranties all installations against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the original date of installation. To retain this warranty, yearly service is required. This involves a spring start up and winterization in the fall at a small fee to the customer and must be performed by an Oliver Irrigation Ltd. technician. Our service vehicles are all equipped with radios communicating with the office, to ensure quick and reliable service to the customer in case of troubleshooting.




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