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Site Map For Oliver Irrigation

Below is a summary of what each page on our site offers in terms of information about our company, our services, our products and other facts that you might find useful.

Please use the text links below to find the specific page on our site that will answer your questions.

  About Some information about who we are.
  FAQ Frequently asked questions about lawn irrigation systems.
  Troubleshooting Some of the common problems for which we have received questions together with answers, tips and notes.
  Suppliers Information about the high quality products we install and the suppliers we use in our irrigation systems.
  Before You Install What you should know before installing an irrigation system for your property.
  Backflow Testing Local regulations, what you should know and how we ensure compliance and an efficient system.
  Drip Systems Solutions and products to keep your plants and hanging baskets watered.
  Controller Instructions Links to pages where you can obtain copies of instruction manuals you may have “misplaced”.
  Contact Us How to get in touch with Oliver Irrigation

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