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Troubleshooting Your Sprinkler System

If you are having a problem with your system, before you call our office, check the following list of questions, answers and troubleshooting tips.

Also remember that information about your controller can be downloaded right from our Controller Instructions webpage. There we have links to the manufacturer’s website and their latest manuals.



Tips and Notes

System has not watered since last cycle?

Has it been raining?  Check rain sensorThere are 2 types of rain sensors

  • collect water in tray

if water is present empty tray and system will reactivate

  • If you have a mini-click rain sensor

turn top portion to middle and top half will pop off, then turn on single zone to check if system is working.

This type of rain sensor usually takes 2 days of sunshine before it will reactivate itself.

The 2 main ways that the system will not work is no power or no water. Before you check the rain sensor please ensure the water has not been shut off to the irrigation system and that you have power at the same plug outlet that the controller is plugged into. To test this you can plug a blow dryer, drill etc into the outlet. Even if the controller has a display on the LCD screen it is because they have a backup battery, but it still will not work without current power.

I have tried the power and it is working, but system will still not activate? Check to see that a wire has not been cut. This usually occurs when there has been some landscaping work done. If this is the case you will have to book an appointment for one of our technicians to come out.
I only have some zones working?

Each irrigation zone is controlled by a separate solenoid valve. If this is the case you have a faulty solenoid and you will need to book an appointment to have one of our technician’s come and replace the faulty valve.

Please let the office know what kind of system you have when you call for an appointment.
My irrigation system is not coming on at its programmed time?

If you have checked the programming and this is correct, the only way that this can work incorrectly is if the current day and time is not correct. Re-program your controller and this should work.

Spray patterns and sprinkler heads not working in correct areas? Most pop up sprinkler heads can be turned by simply grabbing the stem and turning back into correct position.  
The spray pattern from my system is either too strong or not strong enough? You can adjust the spray amount by turning the screw clockwise on top of the spray head.
Pop up is coming up but no water is coming out? Make sure the head is not screwed down all the way. If this is not the case check to see if the nozzle is clogged with debris. If this is the case unscrew the top of the nozzle and flush out the nozzle and replace the nozzle head.



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